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Ji'nan Rui Ma mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in the manufacture of precision mechanical spring testing machine. Products are divided into tension, stress, fatigue, torsion test. The control and display system is divided into two kinds of microcomputer controlled spring testing machine and digital display type spring testing machine. Warmly welcome new and old customers to consult all kinds of spring testing machine prices!

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Mobile phone:18888338858
Address:Huaiyin District of Ji'nan City


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Ji'nan machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. Rui ma production of spring tension pressure testing machine can be stretched springs, compression springs, torsion springs and bending springs to do a variety of physical performance test. Specific spring specimens are divided into: spiral spring, disk spring, ring spring, air spring, auto steel plate spring, leaf spring for agricultural machinery, compression gas spring, valve spring, locking gas spring, resistance to high temperature spring, plane scroll spring and rubber metal spiral composite spring and so on. According to the test of the maximum size of the test specimen is different, we select 50N, 100N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N, 10kN, 20kN, 30kN,, 50kN, 100kN of different models. Take full automatic microcomputer control, automatic digital control, manual digital control, such as different control models.

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Price center
  • 微机控制弹簧试验机价格:1.5万-5万元/台
  • 数显弹簧试验机价格:1.0万-3万元/台
  • 弹簧扭转试验机价格:2.0万-8万元/台
  • 弹簧疲劳试验机价格:2.5万-10万元/台
  • 气弹簧拉压力试验机价格:1.5万-6万元/台

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